SPAR Engineering & Infrastructure is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and those that work with and around us throughout our operations.

To this end we remain dedicated to this commitment which encompasses compliance with laws, regulations and statutory obligations. In addition to this pledge, SPAR Infra  has implemented successful self-initiatives that ensure that health and safety remains at the forefront of our priorities.


SPAR HSE Management System Architecture

The SPAR Engineering & Infrastructure HSE Management System consists of three levels of documentation. Level 1 describes what Company leadership expects in terms of HSE performance. Further, these Level 1 documents describe what management actions are required to achieve the stated goals. The Level 2 documents contain minimum health, safety and environmental standards consisting of technical direction. Each production facility is required to review the level 2 documents and develop site specific Level 3 programs which define specific operating requirements, which incorporate local regulatory requirements, at each location. The following depicts the relationship between the various levels of the HSEMS: