Plant & Machinery

SPAR employs a competent, lean staff of both management and mechanic personnel to service the equipment. With a dedicated Plant & Machinery department coordination of all equipment operations across all project locations are maintained and controlled centrally. Plant & Machinery department responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating procurement and mobilization of construction equipment for the projects based on construction equipment schedule and additional project requirements
  • Ensuring all equipment is safe, mechanically sound and meets all applicable safety & quality codes and standards when delivered to project location
  • Assisting construction teams in developing the construction equipment schedule and the related cost estimate for projects
  • Providing input to the overall construction execution plan including site layout, construction equipment requirements, construction equipment maintenance facilities, tools and heavy lift and heavy haul plan
  • Assisting projects in identifying project equipment group personnel and proposing suitable applicants for hire
  • Ensuring company procedures and inspection requirements are followed and regularly audited at project locations
  • Ensuring that preventative maintenance plans developed and followed through for all equipment to increase equipment availability, profitability and safe operation.

At SPAR we command the best segment player’s equipment fleet and take pride in the low down-time. A comprehensive list of major equipment ready to be mobilized from our equipment yard are as here.